Google Trends: UIC vs DePaul, and the Beauty Industry

By Toma Talpa

Education: Public or Private University, Which One is Worth to Attend?

Education has always been an issue for students graduating from high school or college when it came to attend a university and its tuition. Public universities are known to have a better price, while the private ones tend to be more fancy. So which one is worth to attend?

Let’s take a look at University of Illinois at Chicago, a public school, and DePaul, a private school, both located in the Chicago greater area., IL

Education: UIC vs DePaul

According to this graph from Google Trends, in the past five years both universities were strong whether it’s about tuition, academics or student life. Seems like the price did not stop students to attend a private university, even though an increase in favor of UIC is seen this past year.

The tuition at UIC for undergraduate students is around $15,000 while at DePaul is around $40,000 and this refers to the in-state students only. Students out-of-state have to pay way more than this amount.

Another graph from Google  Trends shows the comparison between UIC, DePaul and Harvard University located in Cambridge, MA, which, according to US News, is ranked #2 in national universities. Harvard’s tuition for undergraduate students is around $ 50,000. The graph shows that Harvard is way more above UIC and DePaul.

Education: UIC, DePaul, and Harvard       

Though all the universities are unique in their way with great academics, high standards and different tuition options, still, which institution is worth to attend, a public or a private one?


The Beauty Industry: Are You a Diva of Kylie Cosmetics or a Queen of Fenty Beauty?

Bloggers, influencers, fashion icons are advertising on different social media networks what cosmetics they use to look glamorous. And if in the past fashionistas used to buy products from Dior, YSL, or Mac, nowadays Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna are the newest to be added to the beauty industry.

Young and fearless, Kylie and Rihanna made their way into the beauty industry and reached a success  from the beginning. The prices of the cosmetics are affordable for both brands which gives the opportunity to their fans to afford them. However, it seems that fans have chosen one favorite over the other.

Beauty Industry: Kylie Cosmetics vs Fenty Beaty

According to a Google Search on Google Trends, both celebrities kept their success in 2017 when they launched their cosmetics line. However, the diva of Kylie Cosmetics achieved a bigger record this year as seen in this graph.

With an audience on Instagram of 17.5 million for Kylie Cosmetics  versus 4.9 million for Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics wins the arena in the beauty industry. Still, they both have fans who support them from different states.

Kylie Cosmetics vs Fenty Beauty by Region

While Kylie created Kylie Cosmetics line to help women feel beautiful due to her struggles of being bullied when she was small, Rihanna sees it more like a fun game of colors. During the premiere of her make up line Fenty Beauty, Rihanna said ” have fun, touch the product, put it on, try some”.

So, which one would you try? Are you a diva of Kylie Cosmetics or a queen of Fenty Beauty?