La Casa Norte Will Open its New Doors in Humboldt Park January 2019

By Toma Talpa and Rabia Baig

La Casa Norte’s current location on the West Side of Chicago. (Photo by Toma Talpa)

After 16 years of service, La Casa Norte, a non-profit organization, will open a new housing project in Humboldt Park, on the West Side of Chicago, called The Foundation Project.

“The Foundation Project is a significant project for us where we have been working on it for 7 years by the time it’s built,” said Sol Flores, the executive director of La Casa Norte.

The new project, a community and housing center that will provide 25 new apartments for youth and families, will be open in January of 2019 and will consist of 15,000 square feet. La Casa Norte partnered with Howard Brown Health to provide its clients a federally qualified health care center for those insured and uninsured. The clinic for physical and mental health care services will have a medical doctor, as well as a nurse practitioner on site for all emergencies.

It will also feature a nutrition center with food pantry, a workforce development and a youth learning center, and much more. The Foundation Project would aid a large number of people in need by providing safe housing, while guiding the choices they make and better their lives.

According to Jessica Rodriguez, the associate director of development, the approximate cost of this facility will be $20 million, with funding of private and public contributions. In fact, approximately $6 million were raised from 50 million families who live in the Chicagoland area.

Prototype of La Casa Norte’s exterior and interior which will open in January of 2019 in Humboldt Park. (Courtesy of La Casa Norte)

Likewise, Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development stated that the city also contributed to The Foundation Project with $3.5 million in Tax Increment Financing assistance, including a loan of $4 million.

Back in 2014 La Casa Norte stated that former Governor Pat Quinn supported the project with a $2 million commitment emphasizing the idea of affordable housing and economic development in Chicago.

Quinn stated that this project will “make sure that everyone has a safe place to turn when they are in need”.

The funding for the youth development and housing programs comes mainly from government, whether it’s from federal, state or city, as well as through different private foundations and individuals who strive to make a change in the community.

Created in 2002, co-founders Keith Decker and Peter McQueen, started this life-changing organization which aims to transform the lives of the homeless, as well as vulnerable families and immigrants with stable housing.

Decker and McQueen started this organization to improve the communities in the Chicagoland area. They both began working in homeless shelters (in the city and suburbs) and saw the need of opening an organization that will provide stable housing. They focused on youth after noticing that males from ages 16 to 21 received a breach in services, later following their focus on families as well.

Keith Decker (center left) and Peter McQueen (center right) with Sol Flores (middle right) during the inauguration in 2002. (Courtesy of La Casa Norte)

According to Chicago Urban Labs, 10,000 families were homeless in the Chicagoland area. The families also include children roaming the streets without any aid or a roof over their heads.

In addition, a study by the University of Chicago states that one in thirty adolescents between the ages 13 to 17, and one in ten young adults between the ages 18 to 25 experience homelessness in a year. With the help from La Casa Norte, 4,525 youth and families were aided to prevent homelessness.

In 2002, Sol Flores took the role as La Casa Norte’ executive director, and has the same goals of Decker and McQueen, to better the communities in the Chicagoland area by providing safe housing. The services provided include educational support, training, life-skills and employment readiness to prepare people for a brighter future.

Sol Flores, the executive director of La Casa Norte, on the cover of Chicago Tribune Life & Style. (Courtesy of Chicago Tribune)

Flores said that Chicago is challenged by youth and family homelessness which is why founders, Decker and McQueen brought their attention to “The Windy City,” specifically to Humboldt Park.

According to Flores, “one of the things that really moved them in the 90’s in the volunteering was the shear of resilience, but also this hopelessness of working with young people; it’s cliche but people are the future and they thought youthfulness and homelessness should not go together”.

As a result, La Casa Norte focuses on two target populations which is youth between ages 16 to 25, and vulnerable families such homeless, victims of domestic violence or single parents.

Its mission is to create a better environment for the communities, especially for youngsters who are roaming around the streets at night, by providing them services to acquire life-skills and empowering them to change their lives.

“La Casa Norte helped me get off the streets and avoid homelessness by providing me with housing,” said “John,” a La Casa Norte’s client who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect his privacy.  

Flores’ contribution to La Casa Norte and her determination and persistence to aid communities in Chicagoland area, led her to a mountain of awards which include the prestigious White House Champion of Change Award, the Chicago Neighborhood Development Award and the Youth Empowering Strategies Social Justice Inspiration Award to name few.

Flore’s awards throughout the years for her dedication in aiding Chicago communities. (Photo by Toma Talpa)

According to Rodriguez, they “operate two drop-in centers for ages 16 to 24, providing basic essentials such housing advocacy, toiletries, food, and clothes for the families coming in.”

Future plans of La Casa Norte go beyond this project as they are planning to make a greater impact in the vulnerable and homeless communities in the South Side of Chicago.

“We offer a drop-in and shelter center on the South Side as well. We’ve been thinking about other types of services we can bring to those local communities there which we know, again, don’t have a lot of options for young people and families experiencing homelessness,” said Flores.

If you know someone struggling with homelessness, domestic violence, or anyone who needs housing support, contact La Casa Norte at 773-276-4900.


Top 10 Places Every Tourist Should Visit in Chicago

By Toma Toma

Chicago, aka the Windy City, is known for its beautiful landscapes and most iconic skyscrapers, for Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox baseball games, restaurants with great views of the city, museums and more. However, there are ten top places every tourist should visit while in Chicago, even though U.S. News and World Report  ranked them slightly different from the list bellow. All these must-see attractions are situated in the heart of Chicago which makes it easier to move from one to the other.

Skydeck Chicago -The top attraction in Chicago for visitors to make pictures from a glass balcony on 103rd floor in the Willis Tower. For few years it was the tallest building in the world, and now ranks the 16th tallest in the world. 1,450 feet high, this amazing attraction gives a spectacular view of the city and a unique experience.


360 Chicago – An unforgettable experience of a platform made out of glass and steel that tilts visitors from 94th floor of John Hancock Center toward a breathtaking view of Magnificent Mile at 360 degrees. For those who are not afraid of heights, this is a must-try attraction.


The Magnificent Mile – The perfect avenue right in the heart of Chicago which offers amazing skyscrapers, luxury hotels, popular restaurants and best shopping experience. From  John Hancock Center till  DuSable Bridge, tourists can visit few landmarks like Trump International Hotel & Tower, the Chicago Tribune building, and NBC Chicago Tower.

Magnificent Mile.JPG

Millennium Park – A public park with a spectacular view of Chicago’s downtown reflected in the Cloud Gate, also known as The Bean, and Pritzker Pavilion known for outdoor cultural performances. During the Summer, visitors can attend the  Chicago Jazz Festival, or enjoy free concerts and movies. All they need is a blanket and some snacks.

Millennium Park.JPG

Art Institute of Chicago – A real treasure of Chicago that helds unique collections from Medieval, Renaissance, Contemporary and Modern artwork. Visitors can explore Picasso’s Mother and child, 1921, Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Latte, 1884, artwork from Monet, Caillebotte, Rembrandt and others.

Art Institute of Chicago.jpg

Chicago River Cruise  – A memorable experience in a boat on Lake Michigan while learning the history of Chicago’s skyscrapers. This attraction is perfect for a weekend with family or friends, while enjoying the Chicago Riverwalk or taking a lunch with a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan.

Chicago River Cruise.JPG

Buckingham Fountain – An iconic sculpture with a spectacular view of Chicago’s skyscrapers. Usually, the newlyweds come here to take memorable pictures at the romantic fountain that offers a spectacular water show accompanied by light and music display from dusk till 10 p.m.

Buckingham Fountain.JPG

The Field Museum of Natural History  – A great museum that offers an adventurous journey of exploring the past. The Field Museum is mostly known for the exhibition of Sue which is the largest dinosaur from Tyrannosaurus rex species and best preserved.

The Field Museum 1.JPG

Navy Pier – A pier situated on the Lake Michigan’ shoreline that attracts visitors for its centennial wheel and year-round expositions. At Navy Pier, visitors can enjoy an Odyssey Dining Cruise during night when the amazing skyline’s view of the city is best seen along with some spectacular fireworks.

Navy Pier 1.JPG

The Chicago Theatre  – A theatre designed in a French Baroque style that welcomes its visitors for various concerts, musicals and broadway shows. The Chicago Theater has become an iconic place for visitors to make pictures as its vertical sign depicts the symbol of the city.

The Chicago Theatre.JPG



Google Trends: UIC vs DePaul, and the Beauty Industry

By Toma Talpa

Education: Public or Private University, Which One is Worth to Attend?

Education has always been an issue for students graduating from high school or college when it came to attend a university and its tuition. Public universities are known to have a better price, while the private ones tend to be more fancy. So which one is worth to attend?

Let’s take a look at University of Illinois at Chicago, a public school, and DePaul, a private school, both located in the Chicago greater area., IL

Education: UIC vs DePaul

According to this graph from Google Trends, in the past five years both universities were strong whether it’s about tuition, academics or student life. Seems like the price did not stop students to attend a private university, even though an increase in favor of UIC is seen this past year.

The tuition at UIC for undergraduate students is around $15,000 while at DePaul is around $40,000 and this refers to the in-state students only. Students out-of-state have to pay way more than this amount.

Another graph from Google  Trends shows the comparison between UIC, DePaul and Harvard University located in Cambridge, MA, which, according to US News, is ranked #2 in national universities. Harvard’s tuition for undergraduate students is around $ 50,000. The graph shows that Harvard is way more above UIC and DePaul.

Education: UIC, DePaul, and Harvard       

Though all the universities are unique in their way with great academics, high standards and different tuition options, still, which institution is worth to attend, a public or a private one?


The Beauty Industry: Are You a Diva of Kylie Cosmetics or a Queen of Fenty Beauty?

Bloggers, influencers, fashion icons are advertising on different social media networks what cosmetics they use to look glamorous. And if in the past fashionistas used to buy products from Dior, YSL, or Mac, nowadays Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna are the newest to be added to the beauty industry.

Young and fearless, Kylie and Rihanna made their way into the beauty industry and reached a success  from the beginning. The prices of the cosmetics are affordable for both brands which gives the opportunity to their fans to afford them. However, it seems that fans have chosen one favorite over the other.

Beauty Industry: Kylie Cosmetics vs Fenty Beaty

According to a Google Search on Google Trends, both celebrities kept their success in 2017 when they launched their cosmetics line. However, the diva of Kylie Cosmetics achieved a bigger record this year as seen in this graph.

With an audience on Instagram of 17.5 million for Kylie Cosmetics  versus 4.9 million for Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics wins the arena in the beauty industry. Still, they both have fans who support them from different states.

Kylie Cosmetics vs Fenty Beauty by Region

While Kylie created Kylie Cosmetics line to help women feel beautiful due to her struggles of being bullied when she was small, Rihanna sees it more like a fun game of colors. During the premiere of her make up line Fenty Beauty, Rihanna said ” have fun, touch the product, put it on, try some”.

So, which one would you try? Are you a diva of Kylie Cosmetics or a queen of Fenty Beauty?